MAGE - A Study of Clarity

What is MAGE?

This is a practice and learning space for admitted members. Here we work on touching, understanding, and channeling ever more subtle forces of reality, anchored in a deep embodiment of one's own clarity free of beliefs and superstitions.

Entering MAGE is a matter of stepping into a subtle field. That field supports and nourishes relating to reality, to truth, as it actually is — regardless of what you might think it is. While there is a clear structure to Mage practice within this group, that structure is in service to the field and will shift and change as needed to better serve it. Members join because they're called to the field, not the structure.

I give a little more context in this transmission talk (from April 2021):


If you feel called, your next step is to apply:

You'll get more of a chance to feel the field, learn about the current structure, and deepen your embodied clarity about whether MAGE is for you.